nice to meet you.


I'm glad your here checking out my work. 
Here are a few fun facts about me.
I'm addicted to tacos, foggy days, and my two cats.

When I'm not taking photos of lovers, bosses, models, and creatives, I'm exploring.
With the highway stretched out in front of me,
a great playlist and my man in the captain's seat,
I’m in my happy place!

Your relationship to yourself and your work are such important adventures.
They take courage, creativity, and determination.
As a fellow traveller in life, love, and commerce, I’ve got your back.
Let’s make something great.

- Kim





I believe in great passions, grand adventures, and catching the truth in a moment.
I love working with strong and passionate individuals to celebrate their unique selves and create something real— translating your thoughts and feelings into imagery that speaks for itself.

I believe in equality, inclusiveness and speaking your truth.
I work with likeminded people and promote a collaborative and supportive environment to ensure optimal comfort for the most beautiful results! 

kim jay portrait photographer