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Prepping for Your Intimate Soul Session

First off, give yourself some mad love for booking this shoot! You are celebrating yourself and creating art while you do it—that's self-love right there! I've put together this information to help you feel prepared and ready for our session together. Remember, I'm always here to chat if you have questions or concerns.
Let's make this experience inspiring.

Victoria boudoir photographer black and white

It's normal to feel nervous.

You're doing something outside of your comfort zone and that's amazing. Butterflies and nerves are a natural part of that process. The important part is how you frame it. The only real difference between anxiety and excitement is how you interpret it. So get excited! 

Leading up to your shoot, schedule some time for self-care. Take long baths. Do yoga. Meditate. Drink lots of water. Go to bed early and allow yourself extra rest. Listen for what your body needs and this will help you be in a good place come shoot day.

I've got your back!

I'm here to help guide you through the photoshoot. Your job is to let go of those inhibitions and enjoy the process. We're going to have fun, I promise! Once we start shooting, don't worry about how you look—that's my job. I will coach you through the posing and tell you what vibe and emotion we are after. And I'll never leave you hanging—if I need you to do something different, I'll let you know. I've been on the other side of the lens, too, so I know how it feels to put yourself out there  :)

My photo by Joao Guedes.

My photo by Joao Guedes.

Victoria boudoir photographer
Victoria Boudoir photographer

Location, location, location.

Having a good source of natural light is key for the shoot. A stylish home doesn't hurt either! Some of my clients like to hold the session in their own home. I love this setting and it adds to the intimacy of the images. If you're not sure if there is enough light or if your place will suit, send me some photos and I can help you decide. 

If your place isn't the right fit, I'm happy to hold the photoshoot at my place. It's on the upper level of a character home with hardwood floors and it has big windows offering great light. I would describe my home's style as boho and eclectic. These two images were both taken there. Warning: I have two fluffy, friendly cats. 

Alternatively, I have a list of sexy AirBnB locations that clients have rented in the past. They are beautiful and often modern, with great light and design! The rental fee for a separate location is not included in my price, but often the owners will rent the space at a discounted rate as we only need it a few hours. 



What to wear. 

My style of intimate photography is not so much about the glitz and glam. Instead, it goes for a more raw and authentic feel. Almost all of my clients want some images where they're wearing no clothes on at all, but the choice is totally up to you.

Bring clothing that you feel comfortable and sexy in. Most importantly, make sure your underwear and bra choices fit you well. A tight elastic band will break up your beautiful curves, and we don't want that. Don't think you need to go out and buy all new lingerie for the shoot, either. We will choose pieces you feel comfortable in and that complement your shape over ones that are brand new and overtly sexy. 

Here is a list that has worked well for other clients: lace bralette, panties of various cuts, oversized tank tops, silk kimono, cozy oversized sweater, satin camisole, leg warmers and or big socks. Nude-coloured panties and bras don't photograph very well, so stay away from those. Be careful of bright primary colours as well, as those colours can take away from the natural feel we are going for.  

When we meet on the day of your shoot, I'll get you to try on different combinations of your clothing options and we will pick the few of outfits you'll wear together. You can let me know if you want to do any nudes then—or decide on the fly.

victoria boudoir photographer clothing
victoria boudoir photographer kimono

victoria boudoir photographer makeup

Hair and makeup.

Now's the time to pamper yourself. If getting your hair done will help you feel confident and sexy, then go for it! Just remember, you want to look like yourself for this shoot.   

Same goes for the makeup—keep things natural-looking. My go-to is to put on under-eye concealer to brighten the face and then to fill in the brows to add some structure. Gloss for the lips is great, too! If you want to go all out and get your lashes done, now's the time to treat yourself! They will show up nicely in the photos. 

If you need a suggestion for a hair-and-makeup genie, Erin Bradley is my go-to lady.

Your online gallery.

A month after your photoshoot I will send you a private online gallery with the images. This is an exciting part of the process, as you get to see yourself in a different light. You may be shown a side of yourself you've never seen before. It's normal to have different emotions come up. You will be seeing your beauty through my lens. Then you get to choose your favourite images, and I will send you the hi-resolution files. 

My aim is to create art for you to have for many years to come. I have a variety of products available to purchase right in your gallery - prints, calendars, frames and albums. My most popular item is the storybook album that contains your favourite images on gorgeous double-page spreads. The book is handmade in Canada and made to last for generations. Whether you create just one print, or buy the whole shebang, make sure to make your art tangible. You'll be glad you did.

victoria boudoir photographer artistic nudes

And that's it! With these details in mind we're on course to create some beautiful, inspiring, and lasting images for you to love for years to come.
Once again, I'm here if and when you need me, and I'm so excited to make some art with you.