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Having a cohesive brand is so important in today's content-saturated world! Being able to identify what makes your business unique is crucial to coming up with imagery that speaks to your customers. I've put together this page to help you think about the pieces that make up a successful business photoshoot.

Victoria BC Portrait photographer business branding

Nailing down your brand identity.

What does your brand look and sound like? What is your overall message? Who is your target audience and what do they like? How would you describe the visual aesthetic you want to portray? What is the purpose of this photoshoot?
Knowing the answers to these questions will help you achieve a kickass, cohesive, on-brand photoshoot - time and time again. 

If all this sounds like a foreign concept, maybe take a step back and hit the drawing board. Have a read of this blog post by Canva to help you get started.

Create a mood board for your photoshoot.

Mood boards are great for putting all your ideas and inspiration in one place. I create one for each of my own personal shoots, and I HIGHLY recommend you create one for your session.

To the right is a screenshot of a mood board I created using Pinterest. It shows the concept of the shoot, location ideas, examples of the mood I wanted the model to portray, and other visual cues like lighting, props, and colours. Once I put it all together, I shared it with the creative team.

The photos below are some of the final images we created. You can see the inspiration from the mood board coming through in the images. The hairstylist, makeup artist, florist, and model all had a clear idea of what I was trying to achieve, because I provided them with the examples...and they nailed it!

Garden Portrait - Moodboard
Vancouver Island business Photographer
Vancouver Island Commercial Photographer
Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer
Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer
Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer

Will you need any team members? 

Often my clients hire other experts to help bring their vision to life. Many get their hair and makeup done on shoot day. If you're going to be photographed, now's the time to pamper yourself! Getting your hair and/or makeup done can help you feel confident, and confidence is key.
Maybe you're not being photographed. In that case, do you need a model? What about a florist? Flowers can help add greenery and pops of colour to any scene. Maybe you want to partner with a clothing designer...or raid a stylish friend's closet for the wardrobe? Perhaps you need to borrow or rent props to pull the shoot together? The benefit to partnering with other artists is that each person brings their own expertise, which often means a more professional result.

If you need help finding the right crew, I have recommendations for people I trust and love working with. 

Victoria BC Commercial Photographer

Victoria BC commercial photographer
Mindful Medicine - harvest summer 2017-45.jpg

Location, location, location.

Having a good source of natural light is key for any shoot, whether inside or outside.

If your brand is all about adventure and the outdoors, we will need to keep the sun in mind. Midday sun can be harsh and cause under-eye shadows and moustaches...not the most flattering. At sunrise and sunset the sun is lower in the sky and translates well in photos - and how about that golden hour?! Talk with me about what outdoor location you have in mind and I will scout it first to make sure it will work.

If a minimalist, clean look is what your business is all about, we need to find the right location to shoot. Some people have a storefront which is already styled and photoshoot-ready - that's awesome! If you don't, don't fret! Renting out a studio space or an AirBnB can be the perfect way to create the feel you want in the images.

Remember to think about the colours you want in your photos when deciding on your location. That can help you narrow things down, and help you stay on-brand. 

What to wear. 

What's the vibe you've outlined on your mood board? Where is the shoot location? These two questions will help guide your wardrobe decisions. The key is to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Stay away from bright primary colours or bold patterns, as they can be distracting...unless of course that is your brand, or we are shooting fashion! In general, neutral colours and earth tones photograph well and complement most skin tones.

If you need help narrowing down your options, I'm happy to chat. You can always bring a couple of outfit options on shoot day, too. 

Victoria BC commercial photographer

Victoria BC Portrait Photographer

It's normal to feel a bit nervous.

You're doing something that may be outside your comfort zone. Butterflies and nerves are a natural part of that process. The important part is how you frame it. The only real difference between anxiety and excitement is how you interpret it. So get excited! 

Leading up to your shoot, schedule extra time for self-care. Take long baths. Do yoga. Meditate. Drink lots of water. Go to bed early and allow yourself rest. Listen for what your body needs leading up to the session, and this will help you be in a good place come shoot day. Remember, don't jam-pack your schedule on the day of your shoot. Keep things light and relaxed and that will resonate in the session. 

Remember, I've got your back!

I'm here to help guide you and your team through the process. Dream big! Let go of those inhibitions and enjoy the process. We're going to have fun, I promise!
On shoot day I will coach you (or the model) through the posing, and all that jazz - so don't worry!
I've been on the other side of the lens, too, so I know how it feels to put yourself out there. 

Now let's create some magic!

My photo by Darby McGill. 

My photo by Darby McGill.