Sandcut beach - Vancouver Island, BC

We piled into the van, a bunch of transplanted kids from Saskatchewan, and hit the west coast for a day. It was a reunion of sorts.  A close friend, and fellow Prairie soul, was visiting from Montreal and it was our goal to show her big trees and pacific waves. 

We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was pouring rain the whole drive out of town to Sandcut Beach. I, of course, had forgotten my rain jacket, but it didn't matter. As we parked the car, the rain stopped and we made our way down to explore.

It's a stunning strip of beach. To the far left there is a waterfall dumping into the ocean. You can carefully tiptoe underneath the waterfall and along rock wall and hear the roaring water crashing down. What a rush!

We finished the day off warming up by the fire and watching the sky come to life. It was an epic sunset. Half the sky was black from the nearby storm, and the other half light up with billowing pink and purple clouds. <3